Wychwood Community Group

Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Summer Statement 2017


As we head into the second half of 2017 and over 4 years on from the closure of Gortsyhill golf course, we are finally getting close to a decision on the proposed ‘up to 900 homes’, that Haddon wish to build on the site.

In my last mail I suggested that a decision would be reached in June, however that was delayed by the General Election and the Inspectors report is scheduled to be delivered to the Secretary of State on 7th July, a formal decision is then expected within a few weeks. During this delay there has been some very good news in that the Cheshire East Local Plan has now received further approval from the Inspector, and that we continue to be excluded from it.

We have also had another unwelcome visit from a family of travellers onto the Country Park who stayed for just over a week and caused lots of consternation and dismay as well as leaving a mess in the area, which has now thankfully been cleared, and many thanks to the residents who helped with that clear up. The area where they entered the site has now been secured and thankfully the whole site is now relatively safe from further intrusion, although we still need to be very vigilant, as clearly we are not the only ones who think this is a great place to live.

The Community rallied together and despite some very heated debates worked as a unit to help protect the site. Legally the hands of the Police, Cheshire East Council and the Parish Council were somewhat restricted, which was very frustrating all round, and does raise some serious questions.

On the topic of travellers I would also like to draw you attention to another planning application 17/2879N which has been lodged for “stationing caravans for residential purposes for one gypsy family pitch….” in Weston village; I would ask that you all look to object to this through the Cheshire East website.

An outcome of the General Election was that our local MP has now changed and Edward Timpson, who was a great help and supporter of our cause, and we would like to thank him for that publically, has now been replaced by Laura Smith MP. We have yet to formally meet with Laura re our situation, but hope to do so shortly in the expectation that Laura will be as helpful to us going forward.

We still believe that our case is a very solid one and that we will prevail in this battle, what the future holds though only time will tell.

As soon as we hear any further information we will let you know via email and through our social media outlets.

Trevor Sandry – Chairman

2 thoughts on “Summer Statement 2017

  1. Is the old clubhouse empty still? I was led to believe it was being let.

  2. Any news about the decision, please?

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