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Community Right to Bid Appeal Granted

I have mentioned a couple of times to you about the Community Right to Bid, which basically allows communities to have first opportunity to buy any land that is granted community status, and that the Community Group had been granted this right by Cheshire East Council. I have further mentioned that this was being challenged by Haddon and that it was going to an independent judicial tribunal.

The result of that tribunal is now in and unfortunately, and to my utter dismay, Haddon have successfully won the appeal.

So what does this mean to us? In terms of the fight against the development of 900 houses, it actually means very little (we are still pushing to get a decision to be made at Strategic Planning) although of the plans we as a Group had to utilise the area for further community based activities are now unlikely to come to fruition. Much of the Judge’s decision was based around the status of the disused, and out of planning permission, clubhouse. It is now being addressed with Cheshire East as to what we can do about that, whilst ensuring that the site does not become even more of an eyesore.

This is a blow to our plans to own the site and to forever protect it from get rich quick developers, but is certainly NOT a go ahead for Haddon to build.

I am discussing with Cheshire East what options we have, but I fear these may be very limited.

There is a press statement circulating on this topic, which may or may not come to the local press, so I wanted to inform you all directly.

This is most certainly not the end of the fight and makes me even more determined to stop the building of any further dwellings on this site.

Let us all continue to “SAY NO TO 900……”

If I hear any further news I will be sure to let you all know first.

Kind Regards,

Trevor Sandry
Chairman – Wychwood Community Group