Wychwood Community Group

Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

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Wychwood Community Group Constitution formally adopted

Following on from email dated 13th November 2013, we have received no written objections to the constitution and therefore is now formally adopted by the group.

A copy of the constitution can be found on our website (pdf).

A copy of the original email containing information on the reasons for a constitution can also be found on our website (pdf).

In accordance with the directive, a group AGM will take place in April 2014 of which we’ll confirm the date in plenty of time.

If you have any questions regarding our constitution, please let us know by email and we’ll do our best to address them.

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Wychwood Community Group Constitution

As you are aware, since Gorstyhill Golf Course was acquired by Peter Hunt, the local community sprang into action, forming the ‘Wychwood Village CW2 Community Group’ (now named ‘Wychwood Community Group’ and referred to in this email as the “Group”). Several residents volunteered their services to form a Committee to represent the community in opposing the closure of Gorstyhill Golf Course and the development proposed by Haddon Property Developments Ltd. At a community meeting in the Village Hall on Sunday 7th April 2013 the Committee presented itself and sought and received residents’ approval. Following this meeting the Committee and members of various sub-groups have worked hard to investigate means of re-opening the Gorstyhill Golf Course and those of you who chose to do so have been receiving regular progress updates by email.

The Committee

By way of reminder, the current Committee, as approved by residents, comprises:

Andy Bailey – Chairman;
Trevor Sandry – Vice Chairman;
Tom Applegarth – Treasurer;
Paul Burt;
Ian Dews; and
Andy Lamb.
In addition, Jenny Moran has recently volunteered to act as Secretary.

It is proposed that the current Committee shall proceed as formed unless we receive any written objections by response to this email address within 10 days. If any objections are received we will inform you of the nature of them and the steps proposed to deal with them.

A constitution for the Group

It has become clear that there is no quick and easy means of opposing the closure of Gorstyhill Golf Course and the proposed development, not least because we are at the moment bound by the time frames for the various steps which must take place within local council in relation to the publication of the local plan. As such it is likely that the Committee and residents will be working together for some time in our joint aim to preserve the Gorstyhill Golf Course and Country Park. It would therefore be beneficial for the Group to have a written ‘constitution’ namely, a formal document, setting out the rules and procedures according to which the Group will be run. A written constitution will also be beneficial for the following reasons:

• it will define the Group’s objectives;
• to help define membership of the Group and facilitate communication between members and the Committee;
• to create transparency which is particularly important given that the Group has now raised some funds from the family fun day and Bond evening;
• to give legitimacy to the Group in representing the communities’ interest with a range of external parties such as planners and Cheshire East and to seek external assistance and advice from such as a planning consultant or solicitor, should it become necessary to do so in the future; and
• it shows that the Group is serious in its endeavour and therefore gives weight to our objectives.

One of the sub-groups with legal expertise has prepared a draft constitution, a copy of which can be found on our website (pdf). We invite everyone to review the draft and it is proposed that unless we receive 30 written objections by response to this email address within 10 days, then the constitution will be adopted by assumed consent in the form linked to above.

We will be in touch to advise whether, following this email, the Committee shall remain in its current form and whether the attached draft constitution has been adopted.

A community meeting will take place on Sunday 24th November at 3.45pm in the Wychwood Village Hall, allowing the Committee to inform members of developments in general.

Please do not hesitate to respond to this email if you have any general queries and we will do our best to address them.

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Community Meeting Sunday 24th November

Community Meeting Sunday 24th November – 3.45pm (doors open 3.30pm) – Wychwood Village Hall

In light of recent developments with regards to the local plan and inspectorates decision to uphold the developers appeal; we would like to provide you with a more meaningful update and allow time for a Q&A session.

Your support is needed more than ever, so please attend.

Sunday 24th November at 3.45pm in the Wychwood Village Hall (doors open at 3.30pm).