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Chairman’s Statement – 13th October 2014

Summer seems to be drawing to a close and we head into Autumn, clocks will soon be going back. So it is time for an update on what has been happening within the Community Group. Some bulleted updates below, should anyone want to know any more information please let me know.

• The Examination in Public has begun and the Inspector has requested a BREAK in proceedings in order to allow him to properly read and evaluate the many thousands of papers that have been submitted by Developers, residents and other interested parties. This is NOT a suspension (which means a very different thing in both Legal and procedural terms!). Things are going as expected, lots of high flying legal arguments, but nothing for us to be concerned over as yet. I expect the Examination to start again in late November / early December and to be concluded by Christmas. EiP News Updates
• Cheshire East have actively been clearing some of the walkways on the Country Park and are pushing Haddon to ensure that they are keeping to their end of the contract. Hedgerows are a particular issue and need addressing urgently. We as a Committee are continuing to push for Haddon to do their jobs.
• There has been a general tidy up at the entrance to the estate thanks to PC Nick Moore and Janet Clowes for helping to get that resolved.
• There have been sightings of Travellers around the estate and they are active locally. Defences are being looked at with the Local Police to make the site as traveller proof as possible.
• Broadband, those of you linked to Cabinet 7 should have received a questionnaire recently as we look to ensure that everyone on the estate has access to Super Fast Broadband, so watch this space.
• Bus reversing point and Car Parking, both are highly emotive issues and whilst not directly within the scope of the Community Group I am working with Police and Local Council to organise a residents meeting where they and Highways Officers will be in attendance. As soon as I know a date I will let you all know.
• Social Events / Fundraising. We are still planning another event, although time to organise is always a challenge!! Any volunteers with good ideas are always welcome, please let me know of any.
• If the Examination in Public does not go as we and Cheshire East wants then Haddon may well seize the opportunity to put in an planning application. We have to be ready and having funds in place is key to allow us to get the specialist resources we need, so whatever we do arrange please help and support us in any way you can.

I will look to send out another update when the Examination in Public re-starts.

For those of you that want more information about what is happening locally and issues beyond the development then please join our Facebook Group, which has the eyes of the Local Council and is a great way to show our Community is together and prepared to keep the lovely place we live in. Wychwood Community and Residents Group

Thanks for reading,

Trevor Sandry
Chairman – Wychwood Community Group