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Summer 2016 Chairman’s Statement

Dear Members,

Since I last wrote to you last, an awful lot has happened with the development and planning and as usual YOU the community have responded in force to show Haddon that we will not roll over and allow him to build on our site.

Haddon applied to vary our current legal protection in a section 106 that covers both the Wychwood sites and well over 900 objections to this have been lodged, and I believe there are more stuck in the Cheshire East system. This is a fantastic response and shows the depth of feeling from the Community and our friends and families. The Committee has been working closely with our Councillors and we are quietly confident that Cheshire East will refuse this application, which without it Haddon would NOT be able to be able to build ANY new housing.

We are unsure of the next steps from the Council, although I hope to have news shortly about this application, and subsequent actions.

The second major news has been that Haddon have requested that the application for the 900 dwellings is sent direct to Inspector and to bypass the Council. This has been agreed and the planning inspector has contacted all residents and we have until 16th August to make any further objections. The details on how to do this are below. ALL previous objections will be passed to the Inspector so unless you have not previously objected there is no need to object further at this stage. The Committee is collating all of our previous objections and will be presenting these to the Inspector.


The appeal reference is APP/R0660/W/16/3150968. Comments have to be sent by letter in triplicate to the Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN

We are still hopeful that Cheshire East will take the application to Strategic Planning and formally refuse it, which will add further weight to the argument at the Inspection. Once again I hope to hear more on this shortly.

You can be assured that your Committee will be represented at these forums alongside our Parish Council and Local Ward Councillor, who are working with us to defeat this greedy, self centred and arrogant land owner, Mr Peter Hunt, a man with no connection to the area and whose only motive is making money, at our expense.

Lastly the Cheshire East Local Plan, of which our site is not a part of, is being reviewed again by the Inspectorate starting in September. The Committee has secured a seat at the table at this event and will again be looking to counter any arguments that Haddon and their Legal Team look to raise to get our site included.

I once again profusely thank you all for your ongoing support and for responding to the various calls from the Committee to object to any proposals from Haddon that aim to spoil the neighbourhood we live in.

As soon as I hear any further news on planning meetings, decisions or actions I will let you know.

I also again raise the question of fundraising, as we are looking to organise another event shortly, although as you can imagine the above has been taking up much of the committee’s time and efforts. In the meantime though if you would like to donate to the fighting fund, please contact me and I will forward on the bank details, and a massive thank you to those of you that have already donated.

Finally for those of you on Facebook can I point you to a new site we have that is looking purely at the development and planning issues.

Against Wychwood Development and Planning Issues

The existing Facebook site will continue and will focus on the day to day aspects of Wychwood life, please feel free to join both Groups.

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Freeths Letter – 8th July 2016

URGENT NOTICE – For all residents on Wychwood Village and Wychwood Park. You will see in the letter below from Freeths (Haddon’s solicitor) that it states North and South side, this is Wychwood Village (North side) and Wychwood Park (South side). Both are under the same 106 agreement that they are looking to remove restrictions on house building, currently at 725 maximum and remove access points around the sites that will allow greater opportunity to build. Let this be a message to all residents on the PARK and the VILLAGE that it does affect you and if you want to keep this legal protection in place, you MUST object. Be under no illusion that this application won’t affect you. Tell your neighbours and on the PARK spread the word – we are one community bound by one agreement…Act now!!!