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Wychwood Planning Update – 27th January 2015

We promised you an update today, after our Committee meeting yesterday. What we didn’t expect was such a massive update to the planning application at lunch time (following questioning the planning department at CEC) which has resulted in another 42 documents being loaded; a huge increase from 23 which weren’t included for reasons we are trying to discover! What this means is that we now have to start working through all the additional information, effectively starting from the beginning, without any extension of time.

We have seen that 92 objections (as of right now) have been submitted which is a great start (thank you), we just need to help with offering some guidance on material planning concerns so we cover all bases; though volume and emotion of objection we feel hold some merit.

The intention is to compile a list of objections which you can expand upon, as they need to at least be unique and personal to you, but it may just take us a couple more days to collate the key considerations. In the meantime, if you are keen to object now (which we would still encourage), please just think about these points as part of your objection:

The Council has a statutory duty to consider the provisions of the Local Plan and any other “material considerations”. The most common “material considerations” include the following, the list is not exhaustive.

Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies
Government circulars, orders and statutory instruments
Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
Design, visual appearance, and materials
Layout and density of buildings
Loss of daylight or sunlight
Overshadowing/loss of outlook (but not loss of view)
Overlooking/loss of privacy
Noise and disturbance from use
Light pollution
Highway safety issues
Traffic generation
Vehicular access
Adequacy of parking
Loss of important trees
Nature conservation
Intrusion into the Open Countryside/ Green Belt
Risk of flooding
Effect of Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
Hazardous materials and ground contamination
Disabled persons access

Many concerns cannot be addressed through the planning process, these include:

Loss of view
Loss of property value
Breach of restrictive covenant
Loss of trade to a competitor
The level of profit a developer might make
Personal circumstances of the applicant (in most cases)
Moral objections e.g. to uses such as amusement arcades and betting offices
Matters controlled under Building Regulations or other non-planning laws, e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions etc.
Private issues between neighbours e.g. land/boundary disputes, damage to property, private rights of way, covenants etc.
Problems arising from the construction period of any works, e.g. noise, dust, construction vehicles, hours of work etc.
The development is already completed

You can object via the planning portal here, http://planning.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ApplicationDetails.aspx?pr=14/5671N, simply click ‘Comment on this application’ and fill in a few simple details; no long winded sign up process like there was for the Local Plan!

In addition to provided some further guidance in a couple of days, we would also like to point out a few key dates for the diary:

Sunday 1st February (9am – 12noon) Wychwood Village Hall – The committee will be having an informal open morning where you can drop in and ask any questions you may have about the application, objections, or even how to object. We want to allow residents as many opportunities as possible to seek assistance as every objection counts. We hope to have some blown up copies of the layouts on display too, which will help put things into perspective.

Tuesday 3rd February (7.30pm) Wychwood Village Hall – The Parish Council have organised a ‘special meeting’ to discuss the planning application. We would urge you all to attend as officers from Cheshire East Council will be in attendance to explain the process and procedure for dealing with this Planning Application.

Sunday 8th February (4pm) Wychwood Village Hall – We will be having a public meeting to discuss what we’ve been working on since the application went live. We expect by then we’ll have much more information we can share with you, and hope to encourage those that haven’t objected by then to do so, possibly with some further key arguments against developing the site. The media are expected that this meeting, so we hope to see residents on a mass scale filling up the hall.

More information on the key dates above to come.

Sorry we haven’t been able to give you more as yet, we know quite a few of you are eagerly waiting on us, but please bear with us, we all work full time (and seem to be exceptionally rushed off our feet at the moment), and reading through this application is a considerable undertaking (now that CEC have added all the missing/vital information). We will get there, and we won’t let you down.

As always, thank you for your support, please keep fighting, and if you have any questions what so ever, drop us a reply email.


Wychwood Planning Update – 23rd January 2015

The planning application for 900 homes plus amenities on the ex-Gorstyhill Golf Course has now gone live on the Cheshire East Planning Portal:


The application was originally submitted to the council on 15/12/2014, so the timescale in which we have to object is only 26 days (by the 18/02/2015), meaning very little time at all, so would urge you to object as soon as possible (we will be supplying a lot of supporting information in due-course, but all objections must be unique for them to be counted).

The objection process is much simpler than it was for the local plan consultation; simply click the ‘Comment on this application’ option and fill in the form; no need to sign-in or register; very easy.

The committee will be meeting on Monday to review the application and set a strategy in motion. We will be having a public meeting soon, and urge you all to attend.

An interview took place outside the Village Hall this evening with BBC Radio Stoke; the objections were strong and we have the full support of the local council and our MP, Edward Timpson. The interview can be found here:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02ghhcd (13m04s for John Church’s bit (on behalf of Haddon) and 1h41m10s for our bit).

Now is the time for the entire community of Wychwood Village, Wychwood Park, and neighbouring villages to pull together and help protect the site of the golf course from this unwanted, unsustainable development.

Early next week we will brief you on next steps (if you haven’t already objected by then), and put out a request for help from you with leaflet drops and other actions; we as a committee need all your support if we want this application to be refused.

There is no time for apathy; now is the time for action.

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Wychwood Planning Update – 22nd January 2015

As you may be aware, a news article was published on the Crewe Chronicle website yesterday suggesting that a planning application has been submitted to Cheshire East for 900 homes plus amenities on the ex-Gorstyhill Golf Course, surrounding Wychwood Village.

Whilst we expected this planning application to arrive sooner or later (and are relieved we now have something tangible to fight!), at the time of sending this email, we haven’t been able to confirm receipt of the application with Cheshire East (we have a number of councillors trying to find out), nor has it appeared on the official Cheshire East Planning Portal.

As soon as we have something more conclusive, we’ll be sure to let you know. Please be ready, the community we have all built over the past 2 years must now show strong resistance to such an ill-considered plan.

PS – Radio Stoke, who have been a great supporter of ours, are meeting us for a live broadband tomorrow (Friday 23rd) at the Wychwood Village Hall just before 5pm. We’d urge as many of you to pop in as possible, as they’d no doubt welcome residents thoughts.