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Submit your OBJECTION to Haddon’s Variation of S106 agreement NOW

This is your immediate CALL TO ACTION!!

Yes, the time to act is here again, and this one is absolutely critical!

Haddon Property Developments Ltd have submitted a separate planning application for the variation of the Section 106. The Section 106 agreement is the legally binding contract signed for as part of your house purchase which offered protection against further development, through a limitation on the number of dwellings that could be built, and prevention of any development at all on the Country Park.

The S106 is as important a legal document to your home as the title deed, and must be defended against variation.

In requesting a variation, they are trying to remove the restriction on the maximum of 725 dwellings that can be built; as well as allow the development of a link-road across the Country Park and additional access points around the boundary; critical to the success of their application for 900 homes and services/facilities.

Without this variation they are applying for, they cannot build, it’s as simple as that.

Background information

The Section 106 as it stands states that no more than 725 dwellings can be built across both sites (Village and Park). We currently have 326 on Wychwood Village and 390 on Wychwood Park and both are linked under one section 106 agreement. It also states that no development on the Country Park is allowed, for a period of 80 years and no access points other than the current access points are permissible due to safety constraints.

We’ve made it clear that any variation would potentially result in a class action suit against Cheshire East Council, Countryside Properties, Bovis Homes and Taylor Wimpey (previously Brant Homes), so please in your own words ensure you get this point across in your objection.

To clarify this particular point – The 106 agreement signed in October 2003 covers both Wychwood Park and Wychwood Village and any variation would open the door for developers to propose building not just on the Village, but the Park too. Would you be confident that the owners of the hotel / golf course on the Park wouldn’t consider profiting from a similar development?

OBJECT by following the simple steps we have provided – deadline is the 15th July 2016 (please do it whilst fresh in your mind).

When should I object?

You should OBJECT NOW, don’t delay as CEC have only given us until the 15th July 2016 to respond; and Haddon have clearly chosen the holiday season as the time to strike! As this application is to overturn a legal document that we all signed as owners (and even bought our houses on the basis of), it is vitally important that all residents OBJECT, putting the strongest possible case forward.

How do I object?

Visit the planning application page and documentation here, http://planning.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ApplicationDetails.aspx?pr=16/3092N

Simply click ‘Comment on this application’ (on the right hand side) and fill in the required boxes. Don’t forget to type ‘object to the proposal’ in the box (default is ‘no selection made’). You can put your objections in the ‘Any general comments’ box.

The deadline is Friday 15th July 2016 at noon. Don’t delay.

Objecting is simple, it takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any complicated login process.

Here are some key planning considerations you may wish to raise as part of your submission, as well as the group objection we’ve submitted. Remember to pick out key points, ensuring your objection is unique so it counts as an individual objection. You may also wish to read through your legal pack when buying your home for anything that relates to limitations on numbers and development; as well as legal documents/confirmations from the seller or your solicitor confirming no further development. You can attach them to your objection as supporting documents and we’d strongly recommend this where possible.

Who can object?

Everyone who receives this notice should OBJECT, especially those that own property and/or live on Wychwood Village/Wychwood Park. Don’t just submit a single objection, submit for all members of your household. Our members in neighbouring towns and ex-Gorsty golfers should also OBJECT, as this still links back to the application for 900 homes. Quality is most important, but quantity certainly makes them sit up and take notice!

Need further help?

You can email us at any time for assistance completing your objections. Please don’t leave it until the last minute, the committee have a significant volume of work to do on this application so it would be great to know the residents are keeping pace.