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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Wychwood Community Group – Public Inquiry

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We are now closing in on a major milestone in our fight against Haddon and their plans to build all over the old Gorstyhill Golf Course with 900 dwellings and numerous other areas of retail and amenity, the last I have seen suggested is a car dealership!!!


The Inquiry is scheduled to commence on Tuesday 31st January 2017, starting at 10:00 at the Crewe Alexandra Football Club. We are not now expecting this to go beyond the planned 4 days – PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

This Inquiry will allow us to drive another nail into Haddon’s plan for re-developing the Gorstyhill Golf Course, especially on the back of the Local Plan statements and communication from Central Government detailed in my previous statements.

We believe that our case is a very strong one, on both the Development and the Section 106, and we will be using every available tool in our armoury to win this battle.

In terms of the Inquiry, the Appeal Inspector will explain how they intend to organise the Inquiry and the system by which members of the public will be organised to speak. This is usually completed early on Day 1. Depending on these arrangements, it may well mean attending on numerous days.

Whilst we absolutely want your views to be heard we have been asked by the Inspector to try and limit speakers and to channel all comments through the Community Group. Andy Bailey and I will be in situ throughout the Inquiry and will be fully engaged throughout the proceedings.

In summary, I would ask that you forward any comments and statements through this mail address. If you still require to speak in person at the Inquiry please let me know so that I can guide you through the process.

The Committee and I certainly hope to see many of you at the Inquiry which is a public meeting. Your support and ‘physical presence’ during the Inquiry is itself a powerful statement of the weight of public feeling and will be much appreciated.

The case files can be seen here, https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3150968

Thank you for your continued support.

Trevor Sandry – Chairman

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