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New Year Chairman’s Statement – January 2017

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Firstly a Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a refreshing Christmas and New Year and are, like me, looking forward to the Public Inquiry at the end of January. The Inquiry is scheduled to start on 31st January 2017, in the Carlsberg Lounge at the Crewe Alexandra Football Club. We are not now expecting this to go beyond the planned 4 days.

This Inquiry will allow us to drive another nail into Haddon’s plan for re-developing the Gorsty Hill Golf Course, especially on the back of the Local Plan statements and communication from Central Government detailed in my last statement.

The Weston and Basford Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan is also progressing well and I would request that all those of you that live in the Parish should review this and add comments to support it. This document has significant weight in the Inquiry so please ensure it has your support.


Over the past few weeks and since the last statement on the Local Plan we have been working hard on preparing our case for the Inquiry, with some help from a well respected and knowledgeable Legal company. They have been providing some invaluable help and support which they will continue to do so. Your support in helping to fund this work is truly appreciated and just shows the depth of support we have in the local community and beyond.

There have also been discussions ongoing with other stakeholders in the Inquiry and the continued help and support of our Ward Councillor Janet Clowes and Parish Councillor John Cornell are again appreciated and there will be further meetings in January as we look to build our joint case.

In terms of the Inquiry, the Appeal Inspector will explain how they intend to organise the Inquiry and the system by which members of the public will be organised to speak. This is usually completed early on Day 1. Depending on these arrangements, it may well mean attending on numerous days. Whilst we absolutely want your views to be heard we have been asked by the Inspector to try and limit speakers and to channel all comments through the Community Group. Andy Bailey and I will be in situ throughout the Inquiry and will be fully engaged throughout the proceedings. I would ask that any comments and questions are sent through to myself well before the Inquiry so that we can ensure that we are not repeating information, whilst at the same time ensuring that every point is made and substantiated thoroughly.

In summary, I would ask that you forward any comments and statements through this email address. If you still require to speak in person at the Inquiry please let me know so that I can guide you through the process.

Andy and I certainly hope to see many of you at the Inquiry which is a public meeting. Your support and ‘physical presence’ during the Inquiry is itself a powerful statement of the weight of public feeling and will be much appreciated.

The case files can be seen here, https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3150968

I will send another update towards the end of the month, as we head towards the 31st.

Thanks for your continued support.

Trevor Sandry – Chairman

One thought on “New Year Chairman’s Statement – January 2017

  1. I am minded to attend the appeal hearing. I wish to refer to the appeal hearing ruling in 15/5259C. In that ruling the appeal Inspector overruled the Sandbach Neighbourhood Plan. Following that ruling a ministerial statement was issued. I would like the Inspector on the Gorsthills appeal to state clearly that following the ministerial statement Neighbourhood Plans do carry significant weight even if there is no 5-year housing land supply.
    Do email or ring me for details.

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