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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Freeths Letter – 8th July 2016

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URGENT NOTICE – For all residents on Wychwood Village and Wychwood Park. You will see in the letter below from Freeths (Haddon’s solicitor) that it states North and South side, this is Wychwood Village (North side) and Wychwood Park (South side). Both are under the same 106 agreement that they are looking to remove restrictions on house building, currently at 725 maximum and remove access points around the sites that will allow greater opportunity to build. Let this be a message to all residents on the PARK and the VILLAGE that it does affect you and if you want to keep this legal protection in place, you MUST object. Be under no illusion that this application won’t affect you. Tell your neighbours and on the PARK spread the word – we are one community bound by one agreement…Act now!!!

One thought on “Freeths Letter – 8th July 2016

  1. I strongly object to further development on our estate. The proposed 900 houses will totally destroy the rural prospect and wildlife habitat . Furthermore the single inroad into the estate is incapable of accommodating any more traffic

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