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Wychwood Planning Update – 16th March 2015

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Since I updated you a couple of weeks ago we have seen some more objections raised and we now stand at over 1150, a marvellous effort by all concerned. I promised to update you on the Strategic Planning Board and this week we found out that the Haddon Application will not be discussed at this months meeting, but is now very likely to be discussed at the meeting on April 15th. I will confirm this as soon as I know, but we as a Group are very keen to get the Application heard, so that Cheshire East can formally reject it.

We are still working behind the scenes with a number of agencies to discredit and destroy the application and we are all entering into new spheres, which are challenging and enjoyable although do take up many man hours of the Committee’s time. Our continuing work, and the quality of our objections, has been noted and praised in many political circles and that holds us in very good stead going forward.

You may have seen and will continue to see a host of officials on site over the next few weeks as Cheshire East review evidence and take their own independent evidence, although we continue to help them with our own data and findings.

We are also due an AGM and I propose to have this after the Strategic Planning Board in April, so that we can fully appraise you of the results and the next steps we all need to take.

Thank you all again for your continued support.

Trevor Sandry
Chairman – Wychwood Community Group

One thought on “Wychwood Planning Update – 16th March 2015

  1. is there any public access to the wildlife surveys which were carried out on the land? if so, where can I find them?


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