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Wychwood Planning Update – 8th February 2015

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Following on from the very well attended residents meeting this afternoon, we just wanted to re-highlight the importance of objecting, not just yourself, but everyone in your household, and any friends, family and colleagues this unsustainable development may have an impact upon.

Whilst quantity may not be as important as quality, we certainly want to smash all records of objection made, making a very clear statement to the council that we do not want this! We also want to ensure the objections you make are of ‘sound planning consideration’ so they are taken into account.

Please don’t delay in objecting, do it now whilst fresh in your mind:


The deadline for objections is Wednesday 25th February at noon, but would encourage you to object now, allowing time to then pursue friends and family to do the same.

Objecting is simple, it takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any complicated login process. Simply click ‘Comment on this application’ (on the right hand side) and fill in the required boxes. Don’t forget to select ‘Object to the proposal’ (default is ‘No Selection made’).

Below are two links, one from us and one from the parish council with what we deem to be the primary planning concerns:



Whilst we’d discourage you from simply copying and pasting (as your objection won’t be counted), we would urge you to use as a guide to pick and choose from and edit into your own words. We’d also strongly encourage you to consider the proposal and what it would mean to you and your family, and the surrounding area. Think how dramatically different the landscape would be in 15 or 30 years time and what you’d have to endure in that period. How would you feel having moved to this area for all the things this application would then destroy?

For those of you wishing to delve a little deeper, below are the links to the Section 106 agreement we as residents of Wychwood Village and Wychwood Park signed as part of our title deeds:





As always, if you have any questions, let us know by reply, and remember, this is your Village, your chance to have a say; object to a further 900 dwellings and help us build a community, not more houses!

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