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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Chairman’s Statement – 26th August 2014


As the holidays draw to an end, and as I look out of my window at the pouring rain [when I wrote this], it is time for an update from your hard working committee.

You may have noticed a fair amount of activity on the Golf Course recently, with the fairways and rough being cut, and the resultant waste being bailed, presumably for silage. Haddon seem to be trying to get money back off the course in any way they can, which shows an element of desperation, which is good news. The course from a distance looks much better, however close up the fairways and greens in particular are a real mess, certainly not completely lost as a golf course, although every day it makes life harder for anyone wishing to turn it back to golf course. I notice that even the bricks that formed the patio between the club house and the 9th green have been taken up, again pretty desperate. The cut course does make it more attractive to dog walkers, but please try to refrain from this as we do want to retain, and encourage, any wildlife.

The Examination in Public will shortly be with us, starting on the 15th September and going through to the end of October. We have been unable to get a seat at the table, but have submitted lengthy submissions to both Cheshire East and Weston and Basford Parish Council supporting the non-inclusion of our site, but also supporting the Parish Council’s position on other local developments. Please refer to the Cheshire East site for the latest updates, http://cheshireeast-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal/planning/cs/sub1. It appears that the sites around us will be discussed on the 7th and 8th October, at Macclesfield Town Hall, and it is open to the public to attend, and the committee will be there to support Cheshire East and the Parish Council, who will be speaking on those dates.

The Country Park maintenance is still not up to par, and I am working with the Parish Council to provide a dossier of issues which we can escalate through Cheshire East. Haddon has a legal obligation to maintain the park, hedges, paths etc and they are failing in a number of areas. If you have any specific evidence please let us know. The Parish Council are also planning to replace the Maureen Campbell Memorial Bench on the Country Park, which is dilapidated and dangerous and this should be happening shortly.

In terms of the school bus turning circle a deal has been brokered through Janet Clowes to use the golf club car park as a turning circle for the school bus as a temporary solution, as the haul road is being returned to grass land as Bovis leaves the site, which is scheduled for the end of September, although this has been delayed a number of times. The Committee has been very forceful in insisting on involvement in the decision making process on the turning circle, and whilst we may not be entirely happy with the proposal at least there are no concessions to Haddon re access solutions, which you can be sure we will NOT allow. There is still an outstanding query on how the turning circle will be safely secured, which again the committee is insisting upon.

I think that is all I can update you on at the moment, but this is a crucial phase as the Examination in Public is upon us, the decision on approval could still go either way and we have to be prepared for the worst, and believe me myself and your committee members are, but as ever your support is paramount.

I will update again as and when I can about the Examination in Public and if there are any further updates.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and look out for our next fund raising events in the Autumn.

2 thoughts on “Chairman’s Statement – 26th August 2014

  1. Thanks for the update. Are there any plans by the committee to survey the golf course for wildlife?

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