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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Wychwood Update – 2nd May 2014

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Thank you to all those that attended our group AGM last Sunday; we hope we were able to answer many of your questions.

As a brief update, we’d just like to inform you that as expected, Haddon Property Developments Ltd (owned by Mr Peter Hunt) have submitted a very large objection document to the final Local Plan consultation. The document, comprising of almost 24,000 words, has been draw up by their planning and legal team (John Church Planning Consultancy Ltd / Freeth Cartwright LLP) and in summary, questions the legality of the Local Plan, compares a village development on Wychwood Village versus that of the allocated ‘Village A’ site nearby to Crewe Hall; and offers up a whole host of facilities here including a burial ground, of which we have lost count of the amount of times they have changed this to suit what ‘they think’ the area needs (wreaks of desperation!).

We feel the document is weak, full of conjecture, and has been clearly written in a way to suggest that Haddon are looking to take their sites ‘non-inclusion’ directly to the Government Inspectorate. We, with the assistance of some legal and planning experts are working through the document and have been able to counter all points raised, and are not surprised to find a number of key objections against development have been missed out, or blatantly twisted. The document has given us a clear indication of what steps are likely to be taken next; and a source close to Haddon has suggested they are desperate to discredit the plan and the proposed South Cheshire Growth Village as if that goes ahead they realise they will struggle to get any plan approved.

Should you wish to read the document submitted by Haddon Properties, we have posted it here. We’d welcome feedback, especially from those within the industry, just to ensure we have covered all points.

We are also working on some additional measures to prevent development, but at this crucial stage, we’ll need to avoid public communication but rest assured, we are exploring all avenues.

The expectation is that this is going to heat up very soon, so please be ready to act; no time for apathy, just a fight to protect our village and surroundings!

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