Wychwood Community Group

Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Wychwood Update – 16th March 2014

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You may have received an email from the council advising that the Local Plan has now been approved by full council ready for formal submission to the Planning Inspectorate for ratification. Before this takes place, there is a final 6 week representation period whereby objections can be raised to specific points within the plan. At this stage we are seeking clarification on whether we as members need to act and will advise if any steps are required to be taken.

Other news: In the interests of Wychwood, our wildlife, and our fight against development, could we please ask that should you see any strange going’s on (on the Village side), you report them to us immediately. Many of you work from home, and walk around the Village/Country Park, making you the perfect individuals for keeping an eye on changes taking place. No matter how small the changes are, we want to know. Examples such as fallen trees, cabins being removed and banners being installed (all have happened in the last few weeks); or poachers on-site, unusual wildlife spotted, site assessments being carried out, signage changes, unexpected maintenance, owners/developers on-site etc. It may sound trivial, reporting minor changes, but this can make a big difference to us and the wildlife group, allowing us to react quickly.

Did you see the new banner on the side of the clubhouse? “Short-term let available”! This is for the clubhouse only, on an initial 12 month lease. It isn’t clear why the land owner would resort to this, and we’ll avoid speculations, but rest assured we are in discussion with the Parish Council on how to act. Remember we have a fully functional village hall available for bookings, don’t line the pockets of the land owner!

As you know, the diverse wildlife we have on the site is incredible, and none more so than our resident badgers population. Many of the badgers have been here for longer than us, and in parts, are responsible for the layout of the golf course, to avoid disturbance to active setts. We feel strongly that the badgers, not just here but throughout the country should be saved from culling, which has so far proven ineffective, unscientific, inhumane and costly; culling could also worsen the problem of bovine TB instead of tackling it! Please take 1 minute out to sign the petition on the Cheshire East website so culling of badgers can be prohibited on council-owned land and invest in vaccination programmes instead. Can we also remind you not to go looking for our badger setts, as you may cause irreparable damage; especially those looking with dogs!

Finally, we’ve sent you email regarding this year’s Family Fun Day; to get the community together and raise further funds should we need them to fight off further housing. A meeting to discuss the event is taking place in the Claret Jug (on Wychwood Park) at 8pm on Monday 24th March 2014. We require volunteers to help plan the day and make it a success, as we as a committee cannot organise this alone. Please come forward, even if you can only spare a small amount of time; it would help hugely.

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