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Wychwood Update – 7th March 2014

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Battle won, war goes on…

As you may well have seen in the Local Press the Cheshire East Local Plan has now been approved by full council and is in the process of being submitted to the Central Government Inspectorate for approval. Most importantly the Gorstyhill site is a Non-Preferred Site, which essentially means we have been assessed and not included as a site for approved development in this plan, which covers the period up to 2030.

Whilst this is great news it is not the end as Haddon are still able, and likely, to apply for planning permission on the site. Cheshire East would undoubtedly refuse this and it would then go to a Government inquiry (on appeal) to make a judgement. The Local plan does offer us protection, even in the non-inspectorate approved state, but this is not a guarantee. The planned creation of an enhanced Green Belt to cover our site is also very much still part of the Local Plan, which would further protect us once approved.

Our local area is still going to change dramatically as Basford East and West and the area around Crewe Hall will all experience massive development over the next 15 years, as well as the provision of new link roads, and the planned regeneration of Crewe itself, as well as the HS2 rail link.

As a committee we will continue to act on your behalf to protect our interests; working closely with the Weston and Basford Parish Council, our local Cheshire East councillors and MP, to ensure we ward off any unscrupulous and greedy developers looking to further develop housing in our area. We MUST stand side by side with our local representatives to say “enough is enough in our Parish”.

We are now almost a year on from the initial furore that erupted when Haddon advised residents of their plans and as such it is our intention to give notice of the Wychwood Community Group Annual General Meeting, as per our constitutional rules.

The AGM is planned for Sunday 27th April, and all members of the Group are welcome to attend.

It is with regret that I have to announce that our Chairman is planning to stand down from his role, due to other commitments. The committee will propose a new structure of officers which will be announced more formally closer to the AGM date, which you will be asked to vote on. Volunteers are always welcome. We are particularly looking for volunteers to help with the proposed Fun Day, and perhaps take on the role of Social Secretary.

Please rest assured that the committee is still very active and is looking at all ways to protect the site, as well as the wildlife and environment, and is making every effort to try and reintroduce a fully operating Golf Club, as well as ensuring that the Country Park is well maintained and fit for purpose as Spring draws closer. We have been asking Haddon for maintenance updates for some time and have escalated through the Parish Council as Haddon are responsible for the Country Park and we intend to make sure they comply with this.

We continue to maintain a dialogue with all stakeholders to the site and will persist in doing so.

As always, if you have any questions, or spot any unusual activity on the site, no matter how small, please let us know by reply.

Thank you all for your unceasing support and commitment to preserving our neighbourhood and keeping it a great place to live.

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