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Submit your SUPPORT of the local plan – Important next steps

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Dear community,

Submit your SUPPORT to the local plan – Important next steps so please grab yourself a cuppa and read this crucial information.

Cheshire East Council have published their Local Plan for final consultation between 5th November and 16th December 2013; allowing members of the public the opportunity to comment on the proposed plan the council are looking to adopt from 2015 until 2030.

You may remember back in May we had a similar process for ‘additional sites’, of which ours was one for consideration. Through the tireless work of the committee and the community as a whole, we achieved over 600 objections which was by far the most of any site across the entire Local Plan.

Fortunately, the site of Gorstyhill has been confirmed by the council as “not appropriate” for development and is noted in the Local Plan as a “non-preferred site”. This is great news, but isn’t where the battle ends for us, and your support is needed now more than ever.

Rather than sitting back and thinking ourselves safe, we want all of you to repeat the process you did previously, and post a comment specifically on our site, acknowledging your SUPPORT for the Local Plan and the ‘non-inclusion’ of our site within it. This will ensure that the council remain very much aware that we as a group are still here, and will fight development of 900+ homes on the golf course at every single stage, no matter how long it takes.

In addition, through the tireless work of Cllr Janet Clowes, Cheshire East Council are also going to review the ‘green belt’ allocation to the south of the borough, ensuring no further urban sprawl and avoiding any further developments bordering the neighbouring counties. If the owner of the golf course intends on submitting a planning application sometime next year as we believe, this could be an additional protection and is well worth lending our support to at this stage through the Local Plan process.

We appreciate the means of commenting on the Local Plan consultation can be confusing, but we’ve done our best to provide you with as much guidance as possible, so it only takes a few minutes, and could result in saving the land surrounding our village. Remember, the previous 600+ objections went a very long way to helping ensure we weren’t included in this stage of the process, and was strong evidence to the council that we do not want more houses here and the reasons why…we need this same fighting spirit again.

So, this is what we need you to do:

You will need either log in (if you have an account from the previous consultation period) or register for an account using the following links:
Login with existing account – if you cannot remember some of your details, you can click the options to remind you
Register for new account – you will need to select the ‘Consultee’ option then complete the fields. An email will then be sent to the address you’ve selected with a link to verify the account, just click that and then log in using the details you entered

You can view the information and submit comments (once logged in) about the Gorstyhill “non-preferred site” by clicking on the links below:
View information on Site NPS 5: Gorsty Hill Golf Course (scroll down to table 2.5)
Submit comments on Site NPS 5: Gorsty Hill Golf Course
Remember, this is non-inclusion, so you must select SUPPORT from the list, then add your own personal comments (it is important that each submission made is unique), including the following which we have drafted for you:

You have my full support of the local plan and the non-inclusion of the Gorstyhill Golf Course site. The Wychwood area remains unsuitable and unsustainable for further development owing to the distance from services, facilities and the transport network; as well as being directly on the border with neighbouring counties/councils designed to remain undeveloped retaining a natural gap. The site also has an existing Section 106 agreement in place for a maximum of 725 dwellings, of which only 9 dwellings remain unallocated, and having seen a 50% increase in the S106 previously. The land consists of managed and unmanaged areas which carry much higher environmental value than standard agricultural land with natural wildlife corridors and evidence of a number of protected species; whilst all the time remaining high quality Grade 2 and 3 land. The road infrastructure and utilities within Wychwood (Village and Park) are already strained and the costs of delivering a sustainable development are likely to be unjustifiably high. I would ask that the council take action to re-open the former golf course which was an integral part of the original design brief for the Wychwood estate (designed around an open space village theme surrounded by country park and golf course) in accordance with Policy SC 2 Outdoor Sports Facilities. In addition, the site should be considered for Green Belt status to protect against further development in accordance with Policy PG 3 Green Belt and Safeguarded Land.

Select NO when asked “Do you wish to see a change in the Core Strategy as a result of this comment?”

To view the information and submit comments (once logged in) on the Green Belt proposal, visit here:
Viewing information on Policy PG 3 Green Belt and Safeguarded Land
Submit comments on Policy PG 3 Green Belt and Safeguarded Land
Remember, this is a proposed Green Belt review by the council which could potentially include us, so you must select SUPPORT from the list, then add your own comments (preferred), including the following which we have drafted for you:

You have my full support of the local plan and the proposed green belt extension to the south of the borough, which should be implemented at a matter of urgency. The highlighted area of green belt for consideration should be adopted to help prevent against unrestricted urban sprawl and smaller villages merging into one another, whilst preventing developments bordering with neighbouring counties/councils and protecting our diverse wildlife population. The Crewe area is known as the gateway into the North West and its intention was always to retain an open-countryside feel. The proposed area of search for a new Green Belt should be adopted with a natural extension from Barthomley, continuing through Wychwood (Site NPS 5: Gorsty Hill Golf Course) which is on the Cheshire/Staffordshire border then continue through Weston, Hough, Shavington to Nantwich then up through Wistaston and Willaston.

Select NO when asked “Do you wish to see a change in the Core Strategy as a result of this comment?”

We appreciate that this may look complicated, but it is incredibly important that we get the message across again, so if you need any help, please let us know by reply. We will also be discussing this at the community meeting on Sunday 24th November 2013 at 3.45pm in the Wychwood Village Hall.

Remember, we’ve only got this far through the continued support of residents, locals and ex-golf club members, so please continue to help us fight off this unwanted development and SUPPORT the local plan.


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