Wychwood Community Group

Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Submit your objections to the local plan – The time has come to act!


The public consultation period has now ended, we’ll update you soon on what happens next

We need you, and everyone within your household to submit objections to the inclusion of the Gorsyhill/Wychwood development in the local plan. You have until Thursday 30th May and that will soon come around. Please submit your objections early, and then encourage your friends, family and colleagues within the local area to do the same and help put a stop to this madness! Let us submit so many valid objections that the council simple cannot ignore.

Don’t forget this is not a planning application, but a submission of land to the local plan, so the objections you raise are more to do with why this isn’t an appropriate location to build more houses in line with the councils strategy. We appreciate that deciphering the difference between the two can be difficult, but if you use our example objections and those already published, it might give you a better idea of the approach to take.

You must submit your objections via the local plan website, this will require you to quickly register an account, validate it (via email), then add your comments, ensuring you tick the “object” box of course.

Please include the objections we have provided below in your submission (ideally changed in to your own words) and then add your own personal views too. It is important that each submission made is unique.

Site J – Gorstyhill Golf Course, Weston (add submission/comment)

Site J – Gorstyhill Golf Course, Weston (general information)
(to view current comments, click tab near top right)

Guide to making comments online (pdf document)

We appreciate that you are busy, but taking a few minutes out of your day to submit your objections may be the best time you ever spend and may help stop this proposal from going any further. You are not only assisting your own cause by objecting, but also that of the entire community, as well as local villages who will also suffer as a result of such a large scale development.

If you have any questions or are struggling to understand the comment submission process, please let us know as there are alternative ways of object (though it is encouraged you use the method above.

Objections you must include:

The section 106 agreement of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 signed/dated 8th October 2003 clearly states that ‘now or hereafter’, Wychwood estate must not exceed 725 dwellings; this includes 326 dwellings on Wychwood Village and 390 on Wychwood Park. The agreement has already been amended by 50% from the original 500 limit and would be unreasonable to make additional variations. The original planning application was approved on the basis of an open space village theme surrounded by country park and golf course; building work continues and therefore the application should still be valid. The road infrastructure within Wychwood Village/Park is already strained and the A531 between Weston and Betley is totally unsuitable for additional traffic this proposed development would cause; the impact on neighbouring villages would also add significant risk.

You will also find some more background information here, should you need further pointers; https://wychwoodvillage.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/objections-to-local-plan.doc.

3 thoughts on “Submit your objections to the local plan – The time has come to act!

  1. Our committee have worked tirelessly on behalf of EVERYONE that lives here & we are most grateful.In return for that effort the residents should be getting behind them 100% and that means LOGGING YOUR OBJECTION on the public consultation website.
    DO NOT WAIT FOR OTHERS TO DO IT FOR YOU ! This may protect your investment for the future ,you cannot afford to let this deadline pass !!

  2. The amount of congestion this will cause, on an already over congested SINGLE LANE A500 will be ridiculous!!!!!

  3. No!! Shavington, Weston, Wistaston and surrounding villages have been ruined enough by new build properties, enough is enough this is still the countryside!

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