Wychwood Community Group

Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Reminder: Do not use the golf course


Just a reminder to residents and locals not to use the golf course. It might seem great having a whole new area to explore, but you may be causing more harm than good.

Naturally the course has always had plenty of footfall over it from golfers, but the latest trend seems to be walking dogs on it. The golf course plays an absolutely vital role in providing wildlife corridors to the diverse number of species we have in the area, and dogs not only go into areas disturbing nests/dens, they also leave scent marks that can have a damaging influence.

We have to hope that with the significant reduction in use of the course, that more wildlife will come to the area; this may not only assist us in a planning objection, but also make for a much better surrounding environment for us and our families to enjoy.

There are also surveys in operation, so don’t disturb these or the potential results they may yield.

Posters have been put up at all access points to remind the community not to trespass, but if you do see anyone using the course, try explaining to them the reasons why we need to protect this area.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Do not use the golf course

  1. Not intending to being critical because I endorse what you are striving to achieve as a community group. However what is the point of having an area like the old Golf course if nobody is ‘allowed’ to set foot on it for fear of treading on a newt.

    How does one’s family ‘enjoy’ the area as you put it without using it?

    I will continue to enjoy walks on the golf course as I always have done. As much as I love Nature I would prefer the area to remain a golf course If I am prevented from using the area.

    Please take this in the constructive manner it is intended. Setting boundaries on how the area ‘Can’ and ‘cannot’ be used is incredibly condescending.

    • Thanks for your comments, but you have left a fake email address so we can’t follow up with you directly. The golf course was never an area of land that should have been accessed by the public other than to play golf. By walking the land, you are risking upsetting the new balance of habitat which could have a damaging affect on what we are trying to achieve, whilst still keeping in mind that we would like to restore the golf course when the application for development fails. If protected species move away from the land, it reduces the number of strong objections and further risks houses being built, which surely is a priority over walking land that wouldn’t have been available to you in the past. We are seeing a great number of people walking dogs on the course, allowing them to forage in the rough areas which leaves incredibly damaging scents; these individuals will continue to be reported. We urge all residents and locals to stick to the country park areas and help us survey the land in a controlled manner, so not to undo the incredibly hard work being put in by a few within the environmental team.

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