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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Bovis Homes change location description

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Having promoted their Wychwood Village homes as including a country park and golf course, Bovis Homes have now changed this on their website, and presumably will be doing the same for all brochures too:

“Wychwood Village is a unique development of three, four, five and six bedrooms at Weston, near Nantwich and Crewe. The village is surrounded by an area of woodland. Amenities and schools are close by. The M6 motorway network and high speed trains link Crewe with London.”

See the change of description here

Bovis Homes claim they knew nothing of this proposed development (in writing), but it is something the committee are reviewing to consider whether residents should contact them (or Bryant Homes if you live in one of the earlier homes). At this stage, please hang fire, we’ll hopefully update on this at the meeting next Sunday 7 April.

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