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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Golf club not commercially viable?

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Are they sure!!!! The club is the busiest we have seen it in 6 years. The car park is full, they are even using the overflow driving range area as well as parking all over the roads!

Yes it is a bank holiday weekend, but this could be a very successful club if the owner cared to invest any money into it, or prevent alienating the members by taking away their ability to pay annually.

Golf club not commercially viable?
Golf club not commercially viable?
Golf club not commercially viable?
Golf club not commercially viable?

Thanks all to those that sent photos in and stopped me (Ian) this morning to talk.

One thought on “Golf club not commercially viable?

  1. I believe that should the development take place, it will adversely affect all the surrounding areas, eg Betley, Balterley and Barthomley in particular with the morning ‘rat run’ to get away to work. Should there only be one exit from the site, 900 cars minimum will take a very long time to leave. The amount of traffic increase will affect Betley and Balterley with noise and greater pollution. I don’t feel that more houses of the type to be built, are needed in the area.green open space is more valuable. I feel that golf courses can always be planted for crops if we had to be self-sufficient, but once covered with properties there in no chance.

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