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Working as a community to stop the development of 900 homes and re-open the Gorstyhill golf course

Gorstyhill Golf Club closes its doors


The owner of Gorstyhill (Tony Hunt – Haddon Property Developments Ltd) has announced to staff this morning (10.00am) that the club will close for good on Easter Sunday (31 March 2013).

This unfortunately comes as no surprise. We knew this approach would be taken to suggest to the council that the land cannot operate as a golf club. We know the club is viable, but has been run into the ground.

Gorstyhill email to members

We believe that two members of the ground keepers team will be retained to look after the ‘country park’. There are mixed reports of whether this will include basic maintenance of the course too.

Our thoughts are with the staff (as well as the residents), but if we work together, we can beat this proposed development.

4 thoughts on “Gorstyhill Golf Club closes its doors

  1. Clearly part of the plan! Could we approach with an interest to buy the course? I guess the plan would suggest he would not sell, but maybe worth investigating?

  2. This is being discussed, but certainly isn’t the owners plan.

  3. Agree with Andy that we should look into the possibility of purchasing the club as a Community Initiative. Lots of experienced people in the village that could help with this.

  4. That would of course be a consideration and we have had quite a few mention this, but at this stage, and from the information we have, it doesn’t seem a likely opportunity in the future either, though it would be great if we could, so we can protect the land from development.

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